T + A = LOVE : Kikaua Point Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I just can’t get away from the desire to stay connected and invest in relationships. I wish I could do just that with everyone I meet! The 1 hour photo session never seems like enough time. I obviously love the photography aspect but I’m honestly more interested in getting to know the people I meet along the way. I often leave the shoot with a thousand questions dancing around in my mind and hope that our paths will cross again. The thought of, “wow, they are really cool people and I so wish we could hang out and just talk story”, is a common one! I love that my clients intrigue me not only with their beautifulness (yeah, I know this word is probably not in the dictionary but I like the sound of it) but also with their flat out incredible personalities.

Tristan and Adrienne are seriously one of the cutest couples. They have that deep and fresh kind of love that makes my heart happy. Their connection with one another is refreshing and puts a HUGE smile on my face. They are fun, unique and have smiles that are contagious. Our shoot was filled with effortless laughter and I was stoked to capture their moments together.

Tristan and Adrienne were on their honeymoon visiting the Big Island as 1 of their destinations. They were gifted a photo shoot by 1 pretty awesome friend. What a great idea, get photos to showcase special memories for many generations to come instead of some kitchen gadget that never gets used. We did a sunset shoot at the Kikaua Point Beach near the Four Seasons at Hualalai. And although the sunset was lacking the colors that evening, these two Canadian love birds filled the frame with their vibrant love.

Cheers to T & A for time very well spent. Blessings in your future together as husband and wife and I hope to see you again on the Big Island….or maybe in Canada after you have some of those cute mixed babies (I couldn’t resit throwing that in there) 🙂



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