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One of my dearest friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on May 31, 2012 at 2:45am. I, along with many others are deeply blessed by this precious gift from God. Lily kealaokamaluhialani Dahl, you have been chosen by God to do a good work for His glory! My spirit is moved by your sweet life. I don’t know what, but I do sense a strong calling on your life. Your name is rich in prophetic meaning and although you are tiny in body, you have a great strength given to you supernaturally from our Lord Jesus. I’m surely blessed and amazed of our Fathers great love!

Lily kealaokamaluhialani Dahl was unexpectedly born with Down Syndrome and has already overcome many obstacles by the grace of God. Just 7 hours after Lily was born on the Big Island of Hawaii, she was flown over to Oahu in order to receive proper care. Lily, along with Loke (mom) and Randy (dad) were away from home for nearly 1 month before Lily was released from the hospital. Moreover, Ruby (Lily’s 2 year old sister) was under the care of several close friends during this time. The family separation was indeed an added hardship.

Although many of Lily’s testing came back in a good report, she still faces several challenges. She continues to receive tube feedings from home in efforts to increase her weight. She faces an upcoming heart surgery in the near future. She will be flown to Oahu for regular check-ups for at least the next few months. She also faces the typical challenges that Down Syndrome brings.

Presently, the Dahl family has been home for almost 2 months and it’s been a struggle adjusting to all of life’s new changes. They live on the Kona YWAM base serving as staff members and as a result are thankfully surrounded by many loving people. They have a nurse that makes daily visits to their home to check on Lily. I’m touched by the outpouring of love and support they have received from friends, family and even strangers during this difficult time. However, they are still in need of financial support. Please pray for the Dahl ohana and visit here to read more about Lily and to give a donation.

I love you Dahl ohana and believing for the miracles to continue. You are children of the most high God who never fails us!!! I praise God that He uses our circumstances to draw us closer to Him…this life we live was made by Him and is for Him!!! His will is always to give life and not death. He is our strength, our hope, our love and help in time of need (and so much more).

“and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

The photos below were taken during my first visit to meet Lily. I brought my camera along to snap a few casual shots of these precious lives. Loke is a beautiful woman of God, wife, mother and friend. Her daughters are blessed to have her as a mommy.




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