Fun times on the farm: Anderson Island, WA

It was recorded the hottest day in the Pacific Northwest!! Apparently, there was no need for concern over a rained out wedding day. The concern now landed in the hands of the florist as she kept the flowers from wilting in the HOT sun. Needless to say, with all the worries that can come on a wedding day, this day turned out simply perfect. Oh, and the flowers survived the heat in all their beauty.

Thank you, dad & Dianne, for allowing me to be a part of your special day. It was truly the event of the year out on Anderson Island. I enjoyed partaking in your joy as you said “I Do” and I especially loved the personal vows. Dad, I was proud as you sang and played your heart out…thanks for the laughs! It was a special day indeed for many reasons. Being at the Johnson’s Farm brought back some great childhood memories and it was wonderful seeing so many people from ‘back in the day’.

I pray in the name of Jesus that your marriage would be one that glorifies God. That you would love each other as you serve and honor your creator. The best marital foundation is Jesus. As you build upon this foundation, may you use the tools and supplies provided to you in scripture. Such things will never rust or rot through. Your building [marriage] will stand firm through any storm.

 [As I was writing, this scripture came to mind ~ Matthew 7:24-27. Jesus is teaching the people how they should live as Christians. Moreover, this passage isn’t specifically speaking to marriage, but it applies directly to marriage as it’s part of our Christian life.]

I hope for great things and I’m thankful for you both. On a different note, what are the dates for your visit to Hawaii again? ha ha…no hinting here  🙂  Love you both and missing you. Thanks again for a wonderful celebration! I hope the photos bring a smile to your faces.


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